Our Mantras

Our mantras represent how we want to get to impact, and the behaviors we will collectively encourage as part of our corporate culture.

These concepts are broad; they may be understood and demonstrated differently by our diverse workforce. It is important we achieve a shared understanding of what each mantra is – and what it isn’t.

The mantras don’t exist in a vacuum; they are interrelated, and our descriptions reflect that. We also weave in quality and teamwork throughout.


Build on the known, uncover the new, achieve the unprecedented.

  • Innovation is not seeking novelty for its own sake. Innovation is stepping back and looking at complex problems holistically, and in new ways.
  • Innovation is asking questions: Does this challenge require new technology, or using existing technology in a different way? Should we take a unique approach to this problem, or integrate current approaches to arrive at a novel strategy?
  • Innovation is a solution mindset, a tool we use to pave a new path from the seemingly impossible…to the possible.


Drive the science, focus on the details, and execute with the highest quality.

  • Rigor means bringing our best to every challenge.
  • We are meticulous in approaching each task
  • We engage the expertise of our colleagues to execute the highest quality work
  • We do the right things right, the first time, to have the greatest impact.


Dare to confront the world’s most significant global health challenges.

  • We ask tough questions, challenge assumptions, and raise new ideas.
  • We learn quickly and pivot where needed; we do not fear risk or failure.
  • We boldly challenge the status quo to achieve our vision.


Establish empowered teams to drive our bottom line: lives saved. 

  • Collaboration is about diversity of thought in service to the mission
  • We embrace feedback, integrate expert input, and leverage individual strengths to maximize collective success.
  • Ultimately, we trust ourselves, and each another, to champion our ideas, make decisions, and execute on our collective vision.


Execute with excellence to maximize impact.

  • Urgency goes hand in hand with quality. Speed to delivery equals more lives saved; quality eliminates rework that impedes speed and efficiency.
  • We create aggressive but achievable project goals and support one another to achieve them.
  • We optimize our resources to reduce inefficiencies and unnecessary delays.